He Dropped

Well, this is the first pregnancy I could actually tell if the baby dropped or not. I have a hard time remembering Zac, but I know Cassidy I carried completely different then this booger. I could have coasted through Cassidy's pregnancy without anyone really knowing I was preggers (just fat!) . Not this pregnancy, even tho I didn't gain much weight (14 lbs) it's all in front. Last night I had contractions on and off all night, and he was a-wiggling like mad. When I got up this morning I definitely noticed that he had dropped . . . and as if I didn't frequent the bathroom enough as it was, I'm in there even more!!!

To all my Feb 07 moms who visit, I have to say you guys rock. For whatever reason I just can't enjoy this new due date board. I will admit this has been the most physically challenging pregnancy, but I refuse to complain. If nothing else, those 13 years of infertility have taught me that every little twinge (or STABBING ;-) pain) is a reminder of the baby growing inside me.

Here are some pics of Cassidy in her room. She loves her big books, we have three of them. One is Richard Scary, the other two are dinosaur books with basic words/colors, etc. They are as big as her, Zac loved these books, so I guess that's why they were one of the few things I kept.


Irishembi said...

It's really unusual for a multi-para Mom to drop until they're in labor. So pay attention to those contractions!

Oh those pictures of Cassidy Jane! So sweet, but she looks like such a little girl instead of a baby with her bangs and bobbed hair. Good thing there's another baby on the way!

BTW, February Moms love you too. :-)

Ryan Epps Home for Children said...

Im so excited!!!:) I cant wait to see pics:) I'm praying for you. Keep me posted. :)


Lisa said...

Must be any day now, Dani!! So excited for you! Keep us posted and like MB said, pay attention to those contractions!!

Can't wait for pictures of the new addition!

The Burkes said...
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The Burkes said...

LOl, I messed up that post anyway! Thanks, You need to post a pic of your hair I bet it looks great!

jessica said...

OOO Baby yet? Good luck hun and congratulations! Hope all is well!

Irishembi said...

Thinking about you and little Sweetpea! Update us (prefereably with multiple photos!) when you can.