Odds & Ends

Ain't I precious!!! Bathtime is always fun. Ask her if she wants a bath and she goes running to her room for you to get her NAKED! Then she comes bounding into the bathroom. You better have the tub ready because she's ready to jump in. Of course, then there's the fun of trying to get her out. She's also pretty good about washing her hair and pouring water on her head to rinse, she doesn't seem to mind.

Tonite, Mom asked Zac to bring up the Legos that have been sitting in the garage for YEARS. These were Zac's toys from when he was little. He was a big dinosaur fan, so there are some cool dinosaurs with the blocks. Cassidy didn't really get the hang of clicking the blocks together, but she enjoyed taking them apart and watching Zac build things.

Cassidy also liked the Legos with wheels and would push them around and go vroom vroom!! That's my girl!!!

On the bargain hunting end, I got two packs of Huggies diapers today for $2 thanks to $15.98 in CVS Extra Cash Bucks. Chuck looked at the receipt when I came home and asked, did you use your check card or did you have cash. I said it cost $2, I had cash and he said "WHAT? for two packs of diapers!" hehehe

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