In Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures.   Jaxon drools more than my first two combined.  He goes through about 3 or 4 bibs a day, I mean they are drenched.  AND on top of that if the soaked bib is accessible to are bratty dog, she will steal it and head to her crate to chew a nice hole in it.  So one morning when I opened the bib drawer it was bare . . . except for some pink and purple bibs, so yes, Jax is doning his first pink wardrobe item.   


Irishembi said...

He's just completely secure in his manhood.

Funny thing is, I didn't see anything wrong with that picture when I first looked.

Jamie has been known to don pink fluffy princess slippers. :-)

Jackie said...

Hahaha, welcome to my world ;) Jax and Austin can hang out together in their pretty pink bibs.

"It's not pink, it's 'salmon' - a manly fish!" LOL! Did you guys get that commercial on tv a couple years ago?

Michelle Lynn said...

Real men wear pink. Bibs included. He looks cute no matter what!

Dani said...

Jackie, I don't remember that commercial so maybe they didn't run it here.

Michelle, you are so right. There is a dear friend of mine, another hockey mom, who is battling breast cancer, the Varsity team wears pink laces and uses pink tape on their sticks in her honor. They had a charity game for her last week and the boys wore gray jerseys with hot pink lettering and hot pink socks. Zac has pink tape on his stick, so yeah real men do wear pink!!