Oh Lord, I have a new addiction

Cassidy loves playing in Jaxon's crib and loves his mobile. She's really starting to actually be interested in JAXON. He is certainly interested in her, his eyes follow her and he smiles at her constantly. She gives him kisses and likes to "pet" him.

My new addiction is Ebay. I know I'm a little late to the game, but I've been a bit leary of it over the years and decided to give it a go. My main reason for checking it out is that I'd like to sell a few things myself, and I figure what better way to see how this works than to BUY some goodies.

Who knew when I typed in "penguins" in the Infant/Toddler clothes I'd get so many choices. Or that when I looked for blanket sleepers for Jax, I'd get inundated with selections. My first couple purchases included Robeez-type crib shoes for Jax with Winnie the Pooh for $7 (incl. shipping), a lot of 7 blanket sleepers for $15 (incl. shipping).

After these purchases I realized I should look for some Xmas presents for Zac, he wanted a wireless mouse, well I got a wireless mouse and keyboard, Mario Party 8 for Wii, a new hockey bag at awesome prices even with paying for shipping.

So now I have to get some shipping supplies and start selling some clothes the little ones have outgrown. I have to be able to support my new little habit.


Boo said...

As if the names being the same wasn't enough...they have the same musical mobile!!! Jaxon doesn't have the mobile bit hanging, just the bulky green thing sitting on his dresser. We like the yellow one, and I like to put it right next to the monitor so it comes through to my room too!

Boo said...

Oh and you should check out other things. You can get things that start as 99 cent auctions with just the delivery to pay! Tim and I get all of our bed sheets and all of our slippers and such on ebay! We've bought SO many things there.

Kate said...

I knew you would come around!! So far I haven't been successful in selling, just buying =) Hoping you have better luck!

jessica said...

Dani shoot me an email and I will give you some pointers I picked up back when I sold for a while!