So why don't I take my own advice ???

Our birth announcement, I made it using my scrapbooking program and printed them through Winkflash -- I usually use Shutterfly, but I found Winkflash and they are quite a bit cheaper for prints.

OK, so why must you torture me !!!!

My new favorite picture!!!

Even tho she's grinning here, she was not HAPPY that all we let her do at the pool was dip her feet. I can't swim for a few more weeks and Zac was off with the teenagers and Daddy had no intentions of getting in the pool, so poor CJ was not amused!!

So, the other day I made a comment that "The beauty of being the parent is that even if your child doesn't LIKE something, you know what's best!" Now, this was said about toddlers and bibs, and I know Cassidy would prefer to be bib-free, but seriously, who enjoys pre-treating every piece of laundry you throw in the wash, NO WAY. She wears a bib, unless it's a mess-free meal -- nuggets and fries (no ketchup!).

Anyway, here we are over two weeks since Jaxon has entered the picture and when I tried to swaddle him a couple times, he was NOT a happy camper (no surprise, Cassidy hated it too). Saturday was a rough night, he was up every 90 minutes, not hungry just fussy. So last night when he got up 30 mins after Chuck gave him a bottle I thought PHOOOOOOEY on this, I'm swaddling you. He basically slept through me swaddling him and settled immediately. I put him back in his crib before 2 a.m. and he slept til almost 5 a.m. WOOHOOO . . . . Chuck gave him a bottle and put him back to bed at 5:20 and he slept til 8:40 . . . . SO WHY!!! did it take me so long to remember how well swaddling worked with Cassidy. I know we have a ways to go til we get through the night, and that's OK, we expect that. But right now 3 hours of sleep sounds like HEAVEN.

There are plenty of things kids don't like, but we make them do it anyway, from swaddling, to bibs, to bike helmets and booster seats. . . . and since I'm the parent all I need to say is "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" hehehehe


Irishembi said...

HAHAHA! Hence the name of MY blog! I remember having the same "A-HA!" moment one night with Meredith. She was bitching and moaning and pissy all night but hated when I would try to swaddle her. So I figured, "Heck with it, you're already mad I might as swaddle you."

Voila! Sleep.

I have a great cartoon that expresses the "outnumbered" sentiment if you'd like to put it on your blog, let me know and I'll email it to you (virus free I promise!)

michelle lynn said...

Love the announcements! He is looking so cute! You'll have to tell me which program you're using. I have one from Creative Memories, but I haven't played around with it much yet.

jessica said...

What a beautiful family you have! Those kids are just adorable! Mine have grown up on "becasue I said so" But they are now at the age where they demand answers that mean something lol!