Standing . . . for a few seconds

Well she keeps getting braver and braver, she shows no fear of letting go and doesn't mind landing pretty hard on her tush. Luckily, she's only had one nose dive, poor baby.

She likes her Pablo (from the Backyardigans) and if she reaches for it, she'll let go and hold it with both hands before she realizes she's not holding on and then BOOM she drops on her bum.

She also loves her giraffe, she doesn't push the balls through yet, but she loves to pull up on him and bang his head to make music.


Lisa said...

Ah, yes. The giraffe! Cassidy and Liam would looks so cute if they were standing at the same giraffe!
Way to go, Cassidy!!

Kristy Lynn said...

Cassidy! You are growing up to be such a big girl! I am so proud of you for standing so TALL!

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

You go Cassidy! I am REALLY impressed. You'll be running all over the place soon.