Autumn is here!

Here is Miss Cassidy showing off part of our Fall display in the front yard. How about those snake gourds Zac grew. I love this time of year, it's cooler but still gorgeous enough to be outside.
Here's Cassidy and my crazy pumpkin lantern I got on clearance last year for $5.

She's crawling all over the place now and she's starting to cruise, she has no fear and will let go and land smack on her butt! Oh well, she doesn't seem to mind.


Ashley Marshall said...

Oh she is so cute!! I love your autumn display!! I need to get on the ball!!

Lisa said...

She is just priceless. What a sweet face she has!! And I just can't get over the gourds!

Kristy Lynn said...

I love your display. It's our favorite time of year too...I just love the cool breeze. Perfect sleeping weather.