Consignment Sale

This is what $23.50 bought Jaxon today. A Xmas outfit with a onesie w/Santa that says Santa Loves Me, red/white pants and a santa hat that says My 1st Christmas; a 1st Thanksgiving onesie, orange pants, & a My little Turkey bib; a pair of overalls; and rompers -- one with a penguin, one with a moose in the snow, one with a racoon & turtle; a red/gray one with a car; and a romper for NEXT Christmas, missing from the picture is a pair of khakis with a dragon on them.

This is what 22.00 bought Cassidy: A pair of buster brown maryjanes, a halloween turtleneck with black pants with an orange spider on the pant leg (for next year); a Christmas shirt (since I tend to avoid dresses), a pair of Dora pjs, a fleece pair of PJs (next year), Blue & Magenta patchwork overalls w/matching shirt. I also pictured a pair of Pooh overalls I got at a yard sale last week for a dollar.

This consignment sale was awesome, it was extremely well organized and had over 170 vendors. The organizers make sure that the clothes is in excellent condition and I didn't see anything that wasn't perfect. They also had tons of strollers, bedding, toys, halloween costumes, exersaucers, pack n plays, etc.

Now if I wasn't so adverse to crowds and this sale was a bit closer to home, I'd head over on Sunday when alot of the items are half price (some vendors don't want to sell their stuff half price, so they pull their items off the racks); but it's only a two hour sale and I would imagine it gets PACKED. Also everything that doesn't sell Sunday gets marked to a dollar and that goes on sale Tuesday for a two-hour period. I'm sure it's a zoo that day too.

I signed up for their mailing list and am looking forward to their spring/summer sale.


Ryan Epps Home for Children said...

Hi dani. :) I thought of you tonight cause I played Rock Band and I sang Bon Jovi Dead or Alive. One of the kids ask this guy still alive? I laughed! :) Hope you and the Fam are well. :)

Love ya

Kate said...

awesome deals! those outfits are so cute.

jessica said...

Great deals! I love consignment sales! We dont have any good ones close by though. We do have an awesome Goodwill though! I just laugh when my friends say they never find anything good there! I walked out last Friday with a Lucky brand denim skirt, gap jeans, old navy jeans, and american eagle jeans for oldest DD. Formal dress to use as a halloween costume for youngest DD. And a cute dress for me with the tags still on it, all for $25!

Anonymous said...

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